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Things that make you go… hummmmm.   Check out the below graphic (click to enlarge).  The graphic is excerpted from this page here.  Check out the highlighted filing date.  Mr. Samblis… why so many companies?   (it gets even more interesting following all the links on that page).

ImageAnd who is Preston Blackwell ?   Is this the same Preston Blackwell here ?   I wonder where Mr. Samblis and Mr. Blackwell met ?  What qualifications did Mr. Blackwell have to warrant being Secretary, Treasurer of IC Places ?  Cutting lawns? 


Perhaps the above is old information but it speaks to frame of mind when making management decisions.  According to Mr. Samblis’s newest associate choice, Mr. Warren Zide (learn more here), apparently his selection criteria has not improved much over the years.  Apparently its hard to unlearn hard wired tendencies.  They say… you are who you associate yourself with.  How does a person who made millions recently, file for bankruptcy and owe the state over 1/2 million dollars a short time later ?   Then, with those stellar qualifications Mr. Samblis appoints him to be on his his Board of Advisors and as head producer for its in-house production division.  Should this guy be advising Mr. Samblis and running parts of the company?  It appears Mr. Samblis doesn’t need any more help with negative finances, and at generating zero revenue… he is doing quite well on his own running the company into the ground !  Maybe Mr. Zide was brought on to advise IC Places, Inc. on bankruptcy ?   Its something apparently Mr. Zide has experience with.

You just can’t make this stuff up folks… stay tuned for more !