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The website is where you will find a ton of DD on Mr, Steven Samblis, and his company 1 Habit, 1 Habit Press, Imagination TV  [IMTV] (formally IC Punch Media).  Check out the Links page, as well as the News page.  On the News page you will find rumor and innuendo busting facts.  Message board posts, at times, tend to be biased, (for or against, depending on which one)  however you will find documentation supporting the truth on the Steven website.

Be sure to bookmark this site, and stop back frequently, as the information is updated frequently, sometimes daily.  We are not selling anything on the site – its pure information to help any investor, or potential investor, to find a wealth of information in one spot.

And… if it’s the first visit to the website, be sure to visit the pageMeet the CEO“.

Enjoy !   And feel free to make suggestions on content if you know of something that would be beneficial to current and/or potential investors.

1 thought on “WebSite”

  1. Lion Warrior said:

    Something I think that needs brought up is Steve has relied on investors and fans to be the selling point of his company. Back when Static was supposably being made it was us fans and investors that Steve used as a selling point. We face a much larger problem now in my opinion because he has personally attacked his own investors many times and ruined the fan base that once was there. He no longer has a selling point to offer with this company. However, Alki does seem to want to eventually have a good investor and fan base… I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a buy out… Not because of the product but rather because of what us investors and old fans have done in the past without much help at all from Steve. I hope everyone is doing well. Miss all the posters on the boards. Much love to those keeping up with this site.


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