Mr. Steven Samblis has a new “Gig”


1 Habit I do is… be very skeptical of anything Mr. Steven Samblis does or says!

Folks, if you don’t know it already, Mr. Steven Samblis has a new “gig”.  He’s writing books.  And get this… he is writing” how-to” books.  It’s called the “1-Habit” series.  As in 1-Habit… to cure Arrogance, or 1-Habit… to screw over your business partners, or 1-Habit to screw over your investors, etc., etc., etc.  He has created a new twist on his old ideas.  Mr. Samblis has continued with his marketing concept of pulling things together that have a common base theme.  He did this with IC Places, the business that made him “famous” (at least with many investors), and again with the “Killer Buzz” theme, and now with the “1 Habit” book theme.

He has made claims of putting out one book a month, for 24 months.  It takes some people years to write a book.  They do months or research, interviews, and some even live the life of what they are writing about.  Apparently, Mr. Samblis doesn’t need to do any of those steps.  Apparently what he does is get other people to do that work.  He boasts that there are 100 contributors to the book(s).  Who knows what, or how much, they contribute.  Who knows if they are compensated for their contribution, use of their name, and/or if they receive a cut of any future sales.  We suspect its very likely they will find out what Mr. Joseph Collins found out, or what Mr. Jose Losada found out, or Mr. Arron Sherry found out… and the list goes on.  Seems as though history would suggest, those that get involved with Mr. Samblis end up on the short end of the stick.  When the diamond mine is liquidated, Mr. Samblis get the mine and the rest get the shaft.

Why would anyone want to take advice from someone with the storied past such as Mr. Steven Samblis ???  If you would like to see Mr. Steven Samblis’s storied past… click HERE (click on Meet The CEO link)  The information listed there will certainly provide the reader with an truly eye-opening level of understanding of just who Mr. Samblis is.  For those that may know some of Mr. Samblis’s past, there are items that are new information that was not presented previously.  The information presented on that site is supported with documentation.  Documentation that any reader can easily verify through a simple google search.  We have simply pulled it all together and made it easy to review.  Remember… we don’t MAKE the news… we just REPORT the news.

Now… as we reported HERE, all of the previous investors in Mr. Samblis’s IC Places (ICPA) and Imagination TV (IMTV) businesses can get in on the ground floor of his newest public company… Envision Media Partners (parent company to 1 Habit Press).  Read all about it HERE.  It appears Mr. Samblis is running all his compartmentalized businesses, such as the 1 Habit Press business, under the parent company of Envision Media Partners.  Envision Partners, via and IPO, is seeking to raise 18.7-million dollars.  WOW… isn’t that just about the amount of money Mr. Samblis squandered with the ICPA and IMTV fiascoes ?

Leave a comment and tell the world if you would go into business with Mr. Steven Samblis.  If you happened to be so unfortunate as to do business with Mr. Steven Samblis, let the world know your experience.  Help others help themselves with your experience.

Samblis Uncooperative in court proceedings !


First off, a new trial date has been set due to the Covid-19 scare.  The new trial date is 1/27/2021.

However, there has been some developments.  The Plaintiff (his attorney) filed a motion (or notice to the court) called a Declaration.  In the notice it states that Mr. Steven Samblis has been, in short, uncooperative in these proceedings.  See the substance of the notice below, and click on the image to reveal the complete document.

Shocker alert… Mr. Steven Samblis has not paid the court-ordered sanctions he was ordered to pay (see document HERE).  As can be seen in the document he was ordered to pay $2,310.00 to the Plaintiff.  As of 3/26/2020 he has not paid.

Additionally, Plaintiff declares Mr. Steven Samblis “has been harassing and disrespectful to Plaintiff counsels and office staff“.   And, “Defendant has taken every opportunity to be evasive, delay, harass, burden and financially burden Plaintiff and his counsels.”  Some might say… this is true Samblis behavior.   Those familiar with previous actions of Mr. Steven Samblis have seen this previously as CEO of the companies they invested in and followed.  Such behavior has been well documented in this blog.

So… Mr. Steven Samblis gets a small reprieve until the new year.  The wheels of justice can sometimes move slowly… but they do move.  Stay tuned.




Samblis makes ridiculous offer…


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The lawsuit (BC692996) against Mr. Steven Samblis is on-going.  It is winding its way through the court system.  In a Declaration of Defendant (dated 1/25/2020), Mr. Steven Samblis claims (among other questionable assertions) that he is essentially broke and can not find a lawyer to defend him in this case at a price he can afford to pay.  After all, the last legal representation (himself) did not go so well (he got Sanctioned by the court). 

In this Declaration he is offering $3000.00 to settle the case.  Three thousand dollars to settle a 60-thousand dollar lawsuit !  In many folk’s opinion that is not even anywhere close to a reasonable or sincere offer to settle. (see the document below – click for full document)


In the Declaration Mr. Steven Samblis states he has “no steady income” and is basically indigent.  However… what happened to the 18.7 million dollar IPO of his company ENVISON MEDIA PARTNERS, INC. ???  Is this how Mr. Steven Samblis defines his income as not-steady ???  (see the full SEC document here)

We will keep you updated as time and events happen.  You could also consider “following” this blog if you want to be notified of any new posts.

New trial date:  4/1/2020



Samblis represents self… then is sanctioned by the court !


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Yes folks… the legal action against Steven M. Samblis has taken a new turn.  The case (BC692996 in Los Angeles Court, and the summary details can be seen HERE.)… has had some activity, and the new trial date is November 13, 2019.  More case details HERE.

But the most significant activity is that Mr. Samblis’s attorney filed a motion to withdraw from representing Mr. Samblis. (doc HERE)  Then, Mr. Samblis advises the court that he will be representing himself in all case related actions.   What’s that old saying… a client that represents himself has a fool for a client???

So… in Mr. Samblis’s representation of himself… he manages to get sanctioned by the court to the tune of $2,310 !!!  Yes folks… the court fined him $2,310 dollars for failing to respond appropriately to court requests.  WOW !!!!  Court sanctions are rare, and reserved for the most egregious of violations… but Mr. Samblis manages to acquire one.  (see the court order HERE)  Note also that Mr. Steven Samblis needs to pay this amount to the plaintiff’s attorney by October 30th AND respond correctly as he should of within the first request.

So, on top of likely being on the hook for 60k if he loses the lawsuit, he has to pay an additional 2.310 for being a lousy attorney.  If he can’t follow court orders, its questionable how well he will be able to defend himself in court on the initial case.

The NEW trial date is now set for (On-Going) Check back here around that time for further details.  We will keep you informed.


Samblis sued again !!!


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Well folks… if you are a follower of this blog you will not find it surprising that it appears Mr. Steven Samblis has been sued again, apparently for his unscrupulous business tactics.  The stated reason for the legal action against Mr. Steven Samblis… “Contractual Fraud“.    The Case Number: BC692996 in Los Angeles Court, and the summary details can be seen HERE.

Apparently, Mr. Steven Samblis entered into a contract  to provide content for Mr. Samblis’s business, known as Cinema Buzz, Inc, which later changed to Killer Buzz Media, Inc (Killer Buzz).  According to the documents, Mr. Samblis agreed to pay the plaintiff $60,000.00 (in 12 equal monthly installments) to provide content for his website Cinema Buzz, or aka Killer Buzz, of which Mr. Samblis only paid the first installment of $5,000.00.  Sound familiar ???

Then, apparently Mr. Samblis asked the court to dismiss the case on the grounds that Mr. Samblis was personally insulated (i.e. not legally responsible) for any actions of the “corporation”.  As you can see HERE, the plaintiff’s attorney makes a good case for why the action should proceed, however Mr. Samblis’s attorney was successful at temporarily derailing the action.  It appears that although the action was temporarily derailed, the court allowed time for the plaintiff to refile the case with amended language.  See ruling HERE.  The case will very likely be refiled.  Stay tuned for more updates.

So… it seems as though Mr. Samblis has some difficulties following through on his agreements.  We wrote about  other such instances HERE,  and HERE.  Most will agree… 3 times makes a definite pattern.  Folks doing any business with Mr. Steven Samblis might want to review the documentation listed on this site before entering into any business deals with Mr. Samblis…. just suggesting.

UPDATE:  Case back on track, and scheduled to be heard on October 16, 2019.


Another Opportunity….


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For all those folks out there that believed in the incredible opportunity that Mr. Steven Samblis provided to Imagination TV… here is your opportunity to get on board once again.


Now we can hear all the naysayers out there (i.e. Kool-Aid drinkers) that will be quick to say… Mr. Samblis is not the CEO of Imagination TV any longer.  While it may be true that Mr. Samblis is no longer the CEO, there has been no evidence published, or provided, that states Mr. Samblis does not still own the company, in part or in whole.   There have been SEC documents filed that state there was a “private transaction“, but that does not mean a sale took place.  Lacking any evidence to support a traditional sale ever took place, and given the history of Mr. Steven Samblis’s reckless respect for making truthful statements (even to the SEC)… it’s not a far-fetched idea that Mr. Samblis is still in charge.

So, check this out:

If you lost money on Mr. Samblis’s previous stock offering, i.e. I.C. Places/PNCH/IMTV… maybe this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of another  Steven Samblis opportunity.  What could possibly go wrong ???

It appears that one aspect of running a penny stock business is going very well – raising money!  Check this out:

Check out the creative and carefully worded description for what appears to be TOXIC FINANCING:


So do the math on the standard toxic financing deal… $265,000 dollars divided by the customary conversion price of .0001, and it looks like in on April 10, 2019 there will be another 2.6 BILLION shares hitting the market.  WOW !!!

So folks… invest away if you are so inclined, but there are hundreds of folks that would tell you to do your homework first (including us) before investing your hard earned money.

Also, check out this comment posted here.


We are not sure what the link is here, but there is some interesting history there.  Of course we will… follow the money !  We started here:

Leave a comment below and tell the world how you feel.



11.5 BILLION shares sold since 1/1/17


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Yes folks… you read that right… over 11 BILLION shares sold since 1/1/2017.  AND… the PPS is at a whopping .0004 !!!  But hey… that’s just those in the know scooping up shares because they know something BIG is about to happen, right?

But wait… according to the OTC (see below (click to enlarge)), the Outstanding shares are only slightly over 2-billion.  What’s up with that?  Certainly the historical sales record as listed on the Investors Hub Website must be wrong?  Um… NO, it’s not.  This company has a super-duper share printing press – on steroids, cranking out the new shares to sell.  Well actually, it’s likely the 60-BILLION that the debt financiers hold that are being sold.

And… speaking of those 60 BILLION shares that they own… do you think it would be unthinkable of them to hire some sales people to sell those shares?  What would be the best way to sell those shares?  Maybe hire some people to get on the stock message boards, under fake aliases, to plant the idea into unsuspecting and novice buyers that this stock is ready to explode and you better load the boat or you will wish you had.  What better way to accomplish this but to point to all the sales as evidence of this interest.  Folks… its hogwash !  Anyone pumping this stock is either working for the financiers, likely under a commission basis, or, someone who was duped by the hype and now owns a ton of worthless stock and is looking for some other fool to buy it from him.

Ever notice how each time the stock has a surge of sales… there is a new crop of aliases that appear?  You rarely see the same names appear more than one pump.  However you DO see some of the same aliases time and time again… those are the ones who have learned the valuable lesson and are trying to warn you what you are in for if you buy some IMTV stock.  These folks have been involved with the company for quite some time, and they have seen… and remember, how this company operates.  You might want to head their warnings.

Here’s the good news… there are only 49-BILLION or so shares left to be sold !  That’s better than 60-BILLION… right ???  So… you will likely see a few more pumps to move the remaining 49-BILLION shares.  Then… it’s very likely they will do a Reverse-Split to clean up the trash left over from the earlier party.  It would be hard for company to promote themselves with an outstanding share count of over 60-BILLION shares.  They are going to need to get that down to a respectable level so they can do it all over again.  The ONLY way to do that would be to do a Reverse-Split.  After all, IMTV is a pro at it, having done it 4 times in the past.  They probably have the paperwork in their files and all they need to do is change the dates and amounts and put a stamp on it and let-r-go.

Folks… as always… do your own homework before making a buying decision.  Let Mr. Google walk you through the history of this company.

IMTV… who’s really in charge ???


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Folks, it’s up to you what to believe.  Only YOU can make that decision.

There has been speculation even since the “Private Transaction” that Mr. Steven Samblis is still in charge of IMTV.  Many believe that Mr. Joseph Sirianni is simply a figurehead that has been installed to remove the negative connotations of the past actions of Mr. Steven Samblis and his running the company.  Some say running the company into the ground.

IMTV has had a history of what many call “pumping and dumping”.  It’s a very common practice in what’s called the “stinky pinky” public company world.  Some think the “Private Transaction” was just that, a pump and dump scheme to sell stock.  The concept is… put out grandiose press releases (written by the company but made to look like news), then the stock sales will significantly increase based on irrational exuberance by naive investors.  Nowadays most have come to know this practice as “fake news”.

It’s also well documented that IMTV is significantly oversubscribed with regard to shares pledged as collateral for previous cash advances by equity financiers, like Asher Enterprises.  Oversubscribed to the tune of 61-BILLION shares (yes, not a misprint – BILLION).  (see below – click to enlarge) and HERE.

Now, with this level of debt load it would be reasonable to assume that drastic measures would be needed to manage this debt.  That’s a whole lot of shares that need to be sold to the public to satisfy the equity financiers.  Do you really think those equity financiers would be forgiving any of this debt???  VERY doubtful.  They have already paid out the cash to IMTV, and they want to be paid back… wouldn’t you?  So, is it unreasonable to think that a tactic would or could be conceived to make it appear there is a new CEO heading the company, and to indicate this new CEO will move the company into the weed selling business?  Naive investors just lose their minds when a company mentions they will be associated with marijuana in any way.  And… if folks think that Mr. Steven Samblis is no longer involved, they will be more likely to take a (or another) chance by investing in the company.

Friends was contacted by none other than Mr. Steven Samblis on July 13, 2017.  Here is his quoted text:

“Now that I have nothing to do with IMTV and there is no reason to attack me anymore, can I have my name back?”

Larry and Mr. Steve Samblis had 59 more communications as a result of this initial contact, over the period of 7/13/2017 through 8/3/2017.  We mention the vast number of communications (emails) during this period to illustrate the apparent significant desire on the part of Mr. Samblis to have his namesake domains back.  It’s also noteworthy that he does have a domain in his namesake already.  If he has his own site, in his own name, why work so hard to get another one ?

So, in these 60 communications, his pleas ran the gamut of trying to appeal to Larry’s compassion, to crying poor mouth, and to finally a financial offer.  Larry’s initial response to Mr. Samblis’s inquiry was:

Provide me with the “Private Transaction” document supporting your statements that you have nothing to do with the company, and yes, you can.”.

   What was the end result of these discussions… No deal.  Mr. Samblis stated Mr. Sirianni would not allow him to release the document.

So… you be the judge.  Why would Mr. Sirianni refuse to release this document?  At one point Larry offered to consummate the deal if Mr. Sirianni filed the document with the SEC.  The actual document was not really needed to be in-hand, simply available for the public to see.  That offer was refused also.  So, the reasonable question here is… WHY???  What is in that “Private Transaction” document, so important and confidential that IMTV doesn’t want the investing public to see?  As a public company, doesn’t the investing public have a right to view what’s in this document?  If IMTV really wanted to be up-front and transparent with important details about the company, wouldn’t they be eager to release the document?  One would think that if there really was a “sale”, Mr. Sirianni would be eager to disassociate himself, and IMTV, with Mr. Samblis.  Or, do they just want to put out grandiose press releases primarily designed to create irrational exuberance by naive investors?

Do we believe Mr. Samblis… not for one second!  And, because neither one of them would release the document, when any reasonable person could see it would be in both their best interest to do so, makes us believe ever stronger that something just doesn’t pass the smell test about the supposed “sale”.  We are certainly willing to believe there was really a sale, but it will take documentation in order for us to believe it.  If there is no documentation to support their claims, it’s just more fake news to us.

Feel free share your thoughts with the world about this by using the “Leave a Comment” functionality at the top of the page.  Mr. Samblis or Mr. Sirianni are free to respond also.  The world would love to hear why they will not release the document!

Note: We will not be publishing the verbatim email chain at this time.  If Mr. Samblis or Mr. Sirianni were to dispute these conversations, then we would certainly publish them all in order to document the truth.

Debilitating debt, and…


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Some on the message boards are saying to the bag holders… just hang on, and when this company starts showing revenue… to the moon the PPS will go, and you will be a millionaire.  Yup… as a savvy investor, anonymous posters on a message board is just where you should be getting your investment advice !

IMTV is up to its eyeballs in debt.  The CEO alone has a claim to 240-MILLION dollars in profit.  Who do you think is going to get paid first ???  Yes folks… the CEO of IMTV Joseph Sirianni, according to the most recent Financials filing (HERE) he (as Chairman of the Board) has awarded himself a 240-million dollar golden parachute.  With perhaps another 500-million dollars due him in a stock conversion of “blank check” stock shares that can be converted to Series-A (worth $1.00 each).  Full details are outlined HERE.   WOW… what a sweet deal !

Another detail that is unknown is… if there really was a sale to Mr. Steven Samblis, do you think he gave up the company for free???  There are many that believe there was really no sale, just another rouse played on the novice investors.  Many believe Mr. Steven Samblis is still pulling the strings in the background.  But, just for a second, lets say there was a “sale”.  HOW MUCH was paid ???  Any payment to Mr. Samblis was either in the form of cash, perhaps to be paid based on share sale level, or perhaps super-cheap stock that could be sold back to the market for payment.  Either way, if there really was a sale, the details are “Private” and investors will likely never know how much of the future profit is already under obligation.  Given that IMTV is a non-reporting company, investors will likely never know.   AND… if stock was provided in lieu of cash… how many shares were dumped into the market (or have yet to be dumped) to satisfy this debt?

If overwhelming debt wasn’t enough to scare you away… how about the 61-BILLION (yes BILLION, that is no misprint) shares that are owned by the toxic financiers !  They need to get paid also.  Do you really think they will be “forgiving” this debt ???   It’s very likely that those on the message boards pumping IMTV are working for the toxic financiers.  They are probably working in some boiler room creating fake aliases to make it sound like there are a ton of seasoned investors that have some inside scoop on the company.  You should be suspicious of anyone who comes on a message board and says he’s buying the stock.  If you were really buying the stock you would just buy it and shut up… you don’t need to tell the world about it.

Folks… do your own due-diligence.  Let the documents speak for themselves.  Supporting documents are available with a simple Google search, and documents don’t lie.  Not hype – REAL DOCUMENTS !  Read them and make your own decisions.  Read a few of the posts on the message boards, they are full of admitted bag holders.  You should at least consider someone brave enough to admit to the world that they made a really bad decision by being caught up in the hype and bought something they now regret.  Do you really think this company has a bright future saddled with this much debt, shrouded in secrecy with “Private Transactions”, and the ridiculous amount of shares yet to be dumped into the market???

Yet another worthless press release !


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Yes folks, we just wrote about this last night, and here is the latest example of such.  The press release is here.  Please take a look at it.  Here is an excerpt:

First, I know that shareholders are concerned about the Company’s debt existing prior to me coming aboard and this is a Company priority. I understand the concern and I have successfully secured an amended note with respect to one note holder. I am attempting to negotiate new debt terms with other note holders.

Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni states he successfully negotiated an amended note – with 1 of the many note holders.  Big deal… what about the other half-dozen or more notes???  AND… does he state any debt was forgiven???  No, he does not !  Does he state any less shares were pledged?  No, he does not !  So… where’s the big news ?  OK… so your credit card company says you can skip a payment on the outstanding balance… what does that do for you?

You gotta love this next line…

We also plan on establishing new business units within the cannabis industry.

Here we go with the “plan” again.  A plan, if there is one, is simply a grain of sand on the beach of failed plans from this company.  Oh, what’s that you say… those failed plans were under the leadership of Mr. Steven Samblis, and Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni is a completely different CEO?  ROTFLMAO… produce the documentation that Mr. Steven Samblis is not still involved.  There is zero evidence that he is not, and much to indicate he is.  Ask yourself, WHY was there a need to have a “Private Transaction” between the two?  What don’t they want you to know ???  You can bet whatever it is… it’s not in the investors best interest or they would have been eager to publish it, AND, file a copy with the SEC.

And finally, there is this…

Mr. Areco has been working closely with our developers to build out the platform.

Wait… isn’t this the same website that Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni said on March 29th 2017 that the websites would be up and running in the next 45-days?  Now come to find out they are still “developing” it.  AND… by the looks of the one website they did develop, it looks like they spent about an hour on it.  You can download FREE websites that look better than that one.

Folks… don’t fall for the hype from some anonymous poster on a message board.  Those pumping the IMTV company are likely trying to sell those 50+ BILLION shares still remaining to be sold from the toxic financiers.   Or, those that bought the shares at the height of the pump and now are trying to unload them to limit their losses.  Do some simple Due Diligence… Google IMTV and Mr. Steven Samblis and decide based on facts and documents… not a paid pumper’s deception.