Yet another worthless press release !


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Yes folks, we just wrote about this last night, and here is the latest example of such.  The press release is here.  Please take a look at it.  Here is an excerpt:

First, I know that shareholders are concerned about the Company’s debt existing prior to me coming aboard and this is a Company priority. I understand the concern and I have successfully secured an amended note with respect to one note holder. I am attempting to negotiate new debt terms with other note holders.

Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni states he successfully negotiated an amended note – with 1 of the many note holders.  Big deal… what about the other half-dozen or more notes???  AND… does he state any debt was forgiven???  No, he does not !  Does he state any less shares were pledged?  No, he does not !  So… where’s the big news ?  OK… so your credit card company says you can skip a payment on the outstanding balance… what does that do for you?

You gotta love this next line…

We also plan on establishing new business units within the cannabis industry.

Here we go with the “plan” again.  A plan, if there is one, is simply a grain of sand on the beach of failed plans from this company.  Oh, what’s that you say… those failed plans were under the leadership of Mr. Steven Samblis, and Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni is a completely different CEO?  ROTFLMAO… produce the documentation that Mr. Steven Samblis is not still involved.  There is zero evidence that he is not, and much to indicate he is.  Ask yourself, WHY was there a need to have a “Private Transaction” between the two?  What don’t they want you to know ???  You can bet whatever it is… it’s not in the investors best interest or they would have been eager to publish it, AND, file a copy with the SEC.

And finally, there is this…

Mr. Areco has been working closely with our developers to build out the platform.

Wait… isn’t this the same website that Mr. Joseph S. Sirianni said on March 29th 2017 that the websites would be up and running in the next 45-days?  Now come to find out they are still “developing” it.  AND… by the looks of the one website they did develop, it looks like they spent about an hour on it.  You can download FREE websites that look better than that one.

Folks… don’t fall for the hype from some anonymous poster on a message board.  Those pumping the IMTV company are likely trying to sell those 50+ BILLION shares still remaining to be sold from the toxic financiers.   Or, those that bought the shares at the height of the pump and now are trying to unload them to limit their losses.  Do some simple Due Diligence… Google IMTV and Mr. Steven Samblis and decide based on facts and documents… not a paid pumper’s deception.


CEO guaranteed $240 million !!!


Yes folks… the CEO of IMTV Joseph Sirianni, according to the most recent Financials filing (HERE) he (as Chairman of the Board) has awarded himself a 240-million dollar golden parachute.  With perhaps another 500-million dollars due him in a stock conversion of “blank check” stock shares that can be converted to Series-A (worth $1.00 each).  Full details are outlined HERE.   WOW… what a sweet deal !

AND… don’t forget about the 61-BILLION shares already pledged to the toxic financiers.  Looks like during this most recent pump, only about 5-billion have been sold.  That leaves about 56-BILLION to go.  Those folks who don’t do their homework are thinking they are buying from retail buyers just taking some profit.  Little do they know they are likely buying the diluted shares from the likes of Asher.  (for those of you who don’t know who “Asher” is… Google Asher Enterprises).  Just ask yourself… with over 5-billion shares sold recently… why is this stock circling the drain back to the trips?

Also… read the press releases carefully.  Ask yourself, why does the CEO use the words he chooses?  There is no substance in the releases, just hype.  Hype with words that can have multiple meanings.  AND… ask yourself, WHY these press releases are not filed with the SEC?  Notice the wording on the latest press release… they “signed an agreement”.  Agreement to WHAT ???  Where is the agreement?  An “agreement” simply means the parties agreed to something.  Do some research on the history of IMTV and their “Letters of Intent” (i.e. Agreements).  There are a ton of them, and not one became a reality.

Folks, you can listen to the pumpers on investment boards, who are very likely paid professionals on commission to sell converted shares (dilution shares) or simply seasoned pumpers shilling to sell their own shares for a profit.  Remember… one mans profit, is another mans loss.  Don’t be the looser, check out the multitude of other stocks that have a much better track record.  IMTV has caused a lot of heartache for a lot of people.  Don’t simply buy the hype of a paid pumper… do you own homework.  Google IMTV, and Steven Samblis.  There is plenty of data on the web that documents the history of this company (IMTV).


The stupid con the extremely stupid !

Wow… some folks will believe anything.  “Debt restructuring”… REALLY ???  Question for all of you that think this is good news… was any debt “forgiven” ???  Even the bombastic press release didn’t say that !  In fact, the presser didn’t give many details at all, just hype designed for the brain donnors out there.  

And… what about this web site???  3 Months to build a web site… that’s laughable!   This is the only aspect that might, just might, indicate Steve Samblis is not involved in the day-to-day running of the company.  Say what you may about Steve Samblis, he knew how to build a decent web site in short order.  In fact he has about a dozen or so right now.  However, until the “Private Transaction” details are released, there is nothing to prove Steve Samblis is not involved any longer.

 Those of you who bought IMTV shares, or may be thinking about buying IMTV shares, you might want to read post #123263 over on Investors Hub.  It’s a breath of fresh air from all the hype from the paid pumpers who are likely working on commission from the toxic lending companies, like Asher.  Someone said a billion shares were sold in the pumps, that means there are only 60-billion more to dump.  They are paid to feed you fake news and views to entice you to buy.  They couldn’t care less if you lose your money.

Folks… do your own due-dillagence !  Don’t believe a line of B.S. some anonymous poster tells you on a message board.   Use your common sense and read what the press releases are NOT telling you.  Research the history of this company.  And until you see the terms and agreements of the “Private Transaction”, don’t for one second believe anything has changed with this company.  Even IF there is a new “CEO”, the product they sell appears to be the same…STOCK !  60-BILLION, don’t forget that !

History of misleading information…


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Hello folks… well, there hasn’t been too much to write about of late… and I guess that’s the point.  The lack of action seems to be a continuation of previous history.  It seems like the only action of late is the selling of shares to unsuspecting and naive investors that seem to make investment decision on hype rather than real, easily obtainable, information.

Take the poster that posted today about Joe Sirianni’s response to when the websites will be up and running.  The response, in short… take his word for it, they are working hard on them.  So it’s been quite a while since the “Private Transaction” took place, which Mr. Samblis and Mr. Siiranni are calling a “sale”.  And, it been almost 2 1/2 months since Mr. Sirianni announced in his March 29th presser, that the websites would be up and running “within the next 45 days”.

Now… anyone even remotely familiar with websites knows that even a 12 year old can have a website up and running in a matter of hours.  There has been well more than enough time to construct not only a website, but a first class website, so one can only conclude that this whole sale thing is just another effort to gin up support for share sales.  History proves that there will be folks out there that believe CEO hype.  Just a few posts later one can see that a poster admits to “holding so many shares”.  One needs to look no farther than a poster hyping the company than to conclude who was left holding the bag on the last pump and dump.  If you own a ton of shares – at a loss, then the only hope of getting some of your money back is to go on a message board and try and convince some other poor sucker to buy your worthless shares.  And apparently those type of folks are out there !  During the most recent pump and dump millions upon millions of now near worthless shares were sold.  Asher is likely smiling from ear to ear on the way to the bank !

It’s just a shame that folks don’t so so much as a rudimentary Google search on this company and it’s officers prior to investing.  The information is readily available with a simple Google search, or, within this forum.  In this case, a simple Google search to do a little DD could save you a lot of hard earned cash.

Folks… it’s up to you.  Experienced folks can lead you to the water, but they can’t make you drink.  Do your DD !!!  If you have extra money to throw away, please consider a worthy charity.


A really sweet deal !!!


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WOW… if you read some of the folks on Investors Hub… this company is poised to overtake Google and Apple combined in size.  It seems obvious those folks have not read the most recent “filing” of Mr. Siriani.  In fact it appears they have been reading into the document some very creative wishes.  However, if you actually take a few minutes to read the document, you would likely be left with you jaw hanging open.  You just have to wonder how anyone can come on a message board and promote this company.  It’s a fair question to ask, given the above, what’s in it for them???

First off, you have to laugh about the company “Principal Executive Offices” being located in a “Virtual” office.  Yes folks… this company that some believe is on track to make them millions… appears to operate out of a location where “offices” start at $100.00 a month.  Yes folks, put the addresses in either of the filing documents into Google, and you will see that the last official filing with the SEC listed it’s “registrant’s principal executive offices” in a UPS store.  The address on the most recent “Annual Report” is a “Virtual” office.

You might want to take a peek at the section of the Annual Report entitled “Preferred Stock”.  Talk about a “golden parachute”… this is one sweet deal.

So this company that appears to operate out of a “Virtual” office… issues itself 240-MILLION shares of “Series-A” stock.  Now this “Series-A” stock is a real sweet deal.  First, these shares have a voting strength of 10-times what one normal share votes.  Second, holder(s) of these shares (could this be just 1 holder?) “will” (not might, not conditional on anything, like good performance, etc), receive $1.00 per share !  So folks… this company, from the git-go, is already $240-million dollars in debt !  It’s right there in black and white, go read it for yourself.  This action begs the question… do you think this company, or it’s “directors” have the investors best interest in mind ???

And if that’s now sweet enough for you, check out the first paragraph under “Preferred Stock”.

Check the section that reads as follows: “The Company has authorized five hundred million (500,000,000) shares of preferred stock, par value $.00001.”.  If you read a little further you can see that this “blank check” stock can be converted into anything the company wishes (section (e).  That appear to mean that these shares can be converted into Series-A shares also.  WOW… that appears to be 740-MILLION shares that can be worth $1.00 each, in addition to other benefits as the company deems fit.  Ask yourself…do you really think this company has the best interest of the investors in mind here???

If the above is not enough to turn your stomach, don’t forget the 61-Billion shares already pledged to creditors.  Some of the pumpers on Investors Hub seem to be dismissing this over-subscription issue.  Just ask yourself… if YOU were the creditor who loaned the company (be it past or present) this money… would you simply forgive this debt???  Of course you wouldn’t !   What would you do then ?  One thought would be to hire some boiler-room sales people to sell shares to recover your money.  You might even pay these folks a commission on sales goals achieved.  The owner of these shares, obtained via convertible loan conversions, would sell them at just about any price because even at .0001 they would be making a killing because they have so little invested.  Do you think it would be beneath some of these sales people to get on a message board, disguised as investors, and perhaps be reckless with the truth regarding how great of an investment this company is?  Some would say that is exactly what is happening when you see what some of these posters post.  You have to wonder… have they read the same documents you have???

If all the above is not enough for you to say, OK, I have seen enough… here is another quote from the most recent Annual Report.

This quote from that passage “The Company will most
likely be reliant on additional shareholder contributions…” just has to warm your heart.  Ask yourself what exactly that means?  Can you say… more dilution?

Folks… it appears no amount of “weed” will pull this company out from this financial hole they have dug for themselves.  There are those (perhaps the ones we spoke about above) that would like you to believe this company will move into the weed selling business and make investors a bunch of money.  What do you think given the above???  It appears the only thing this company has, and will sell, is shares of their stock, with a heaping side order of steaming BS.  That appears to be their only viable product right now.

Folks… do your own DD.  Read the document for yourselves before investing and decide for yourself..  Who are you going to believe, some posters on a message board, or your own eyes and your own common sense and gut !




Financials (UnAudited) out – 61 BILLION shares outstanding !


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Well folks… financials are out, hot off the presses.  Investors might want to take a look at this section of the report, and ponder such when they are thinking about investing in the company. (click to enlarge)

Is there even a question as to who’s shares you are buying if you decide to make a purchase???

And the hits just keep coming… the company is almost 1-million in debt.

And… just to give you a little flavor as to the validity of the document, there is this piece about a lawsuit that they state “The company finds no merit in the allegations and will vigorously defend the suit.”  WOW… this appears to be the very same lawsuit we reported on here, AND, Mr. Steven Samblis AGREED to a settlement of it.

Folks, we spent about 10-minutes with the document, so more to come later, but we still see nothing that proves Mr. Steven Samblis does not own the company.  Investors might consider that a person can be CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board…without actually “owning” the company.  They are just titles.  Investors still have not seen the terms and conditions of the “Private Transaction” that was widely publicized as the “Sale” of the company to Mr. Siriani.  If either of these two gentleman really wanted you to know the truth… they would publicize the document, and file it with the SEC.


Interesting comment…


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Friends received an interesting comment to one of our previous posts about “Fraud, or honest mistake“.  One could conclude someone is not happy with Mr. Steven Samblis for some reason.  A previous investor perhaps ?  Anyway… the comment is shown below (click to enlarge), and available at the above referenced link.

samblis_cinemanow2When Friends checked Wilipedia (HERE), apparently CinemaNow is owned by FilmonTV.  The quote from the Wikipedia page is: “By January 2016, Regent Equity Partners had sold CinemaNow to the UK-based company Filmon.”  Yes, that appears to be the very same Filmon that was touted as the huge money maker for the stockholders of IMTV a while back.

The comment to the post appears to be saying… Mr. Steven Samblis is a W-2 employee of the company CinemaNow, although the CinemaNow website doesn’t list any employees.  Given the poster’s reference to the “debt collector” aspect, the poster seems to suggest that anyone holding a judgement against Mr. Steven Samblis could now garnish his wages to collect.  We have reported on more than one judgement against Mr. Steven Samblis within this blog, and to review such simply put the word Judgement in the search box at the top right of this page and you can view the details and documents surrounding such.

It would seem to be a fair question to ask… what was the relationship to Filmon back then, and what is the relationship now.  Mr. Steven Samblis has promoted the idea that he has sold IMTV, and that he has no part in running the company.  This alleged relationship seems to bring that into question again.  Although the poster does not indicate what position Mr. Samblis holds there, and there is no reference to any employees, staff, or ownership (other than Filmon) on the CinemaNow website.  One wonders though if Mr. Samblis holds any kind of management position, and is responsible for any management decisions.  One also wonders if the company CinemaNow did any investigative background check in order to determine Mr. Samblis’s previous business experience and achievements relating to his management of the IMTV film and broadcast efforts.  Or, the financial and accounting questions that arose from his management of IMTV, and the investor funds thereof.

Perhaps the poster of the comment will elaborate further at a later date.  We will certainly keep the readers of this blog up to date on any information relative to Mr. Steven Samblis and/or IMTV.  If you want to know as soon as we post something, be sure to sign up for alerts at the very bottom of the page.

What could have been…


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The Samblis/Collins breakup was a little over 3 years ago.  After all the blustering by Mr. Samblis… lets take a look at where the breakup stands now that there is the factual history to refer to.  For starters take a look at the below 2 graphics (click to enlarge).  It seems glaringly apparent in which company CEO the talent resides.

imtv_1 urbt_1

It appears Mr. Collins is eclipsing Mr. Sambils five-fold.  We took some time to review the PUNCH-TV website ( ).  It is very impressive.  There is a very aggressive plan in place to move the company into even greater success than it enjoys today.  Mr. Samblis on the other hand, well, not so much.  IMTV is “dark”, and many believe Mr. Samblis is still in charge, in spite of the much publicized “Private Transaction“.

It seems apparent that had the breakup not happened, Mr. Samblis would be in a far better position than where he apparently is today.  Below is an excerpt from a post we made on December of 2013.


Since that time, we have documented where Mr. Samblis has had some significant legal issues relating to money.  He has also failed at his attempts to silence his critics by attempting to erase his past history in business… well, the unflattering historical events anyway.  Mr. Samblis is quick to point out years old events in his life that he likely believes are flattering, but goes to great lengths to erase the unflattering events, of which there are many.  This blog has documented the lengths Mr. Samblis will go to in order to erase his recent past, such as here and here.  Also, just type in the word “judgement” in the search box at the top-right of this page, and you will see numerous examples of legal issues and related items.

It seems apparent, now that time has passed, which man was the better half of the partnership.  Many believe that had Mr. Samblis simply swallowed his pride and let Mr. Collins call the shots, IMTV would be in a far better place than it sits today.   Documents support Mr. Collins position that he was to “step up” as CEO.  Had he been allowed to do so, and as  Mr. Samblis apparently promised, many investors may have been in a far better position today.

So… congrats to Mr. Joseph Collins.  As they say… money talks, and BS walks.  Mr. Collins has proven his ideas were/are the superior ones.  Mr. Collins and his company are on the move up, while Mr. Samblis doesn’t appear to be doing much at all.  Its a shame, if only Mr. Samblis had recognized that Mr. Collins had more talent than himself, he could be enjoying greater success like Mr. Collins.


ANOTHER new alias ???


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Yet another new alias has recently shown up on Investors Hub…”WORRIOR Days“.  This alias born 12/10/2016, and has had 8 posts… 6 of them slamming Joseph Collins, and 2 initiating questions some would characterize as soliciting interest in the stock again.   Now… 3 guesses who this might be, and the first 2 don’t count !

Looks like there may be a new pump in the works.  It’s been a while, and likely enough time for many of those previous investors to have moved on, and therefore perhaps less resistance from those who have vast experience with Mr. Steven Samblis, to tell others about their experiences with Mr. Steven Samblis and his business dealings.

This tactic of promoting the notion that Mr. Samblis has sold the company and moved on… is simply not supported by the facts.  The critical fact is that no one has seen the contract of sale.  Mr. Samblis, OR, Mr. Joseph Sirriani has not made it public, or, filed it with the SEC.  This is a HUGE RED FLAG !!!  What are they hiding???

Don’t be fooled by what you can’t see, and judge what you can’t see on the history of Mr. Steven Samblis.  The only reasonable conclusion one could come to is BEWARE !!!



Does a leopard change its spots ???


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While the hype has died down of late, you can bet that Mr. Steven Samblis has not given up on the gravy train, aka IMTV.  Perhaps now would be a good time to revisit some of Mr. Samblis’s previous history as it relates to the securities industry.  One needs to ask themselves before investing in Mr. Samblis… does a leopard change its spots???

This, from the Wall Street Journal archive (which is available here):  As you read through the article, notice the similarities to his actions of late.

Target in SEC Case Is Still Promoting Stocks on the Net

Jason Anders The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

Just over a year ago, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission brought a complaint against Steven Samblis, a Florida stock promoter who, the agency alleged, was passing himself off as an independent stock picker without disclosing he had been paid to promote companies.

The widely publicized complaint hasn’t deterred Mr. Samblis.

The SEC lawyer who led the case against Mr. Samblis says he still appears to be violating securities laws. Mr. Samblis, a former broker who was once fined because of a customer complaint, continues to promote stocks on the Web. He is now trying to sidestep SEC rules on disclosing compensation by paying a second company to publish promotional materials on his behalf.

Mr. Samblis, who did not admit or deny the SEC allegations last year and denies any wrongdoing since that case, is president of Fortune Marketing & Capital Consultants Inc., based in Longview, Fla. In exchange for compensation, Fortune distributes promotional articles about companies in a magazine called the Small Cap Journal, and on a Web site ( with the same name.

In its original complaint against Mr. Samblis — one of the SEC’s first involving stock promotion on the Internet — the agency said Mr. Samblis was “passing himself off as an independent and impartial stock picker when, in fact, he is nothing more than a paid pitchman.” Mr. Samblis agreed to an injunction the agency sought that essentially ordered him to stop violating securities law, and since then the SEC has been trying to force Mr. Samblis to pay a fine in that case.

“It now appears that not only is he flouting the SEC and the securities laws, but it seems pretty clear to me, in my opinion, that he is violating the court order,” says Christian Bartholomew, the SEC’s lead attorney in its case against Mr. Samblis. Mr. Bartholomew says the SEC, which is continuing its investigation, may seek an even tougher penalty against Mr. Samblis because of his recent activities.

Mr. Bartholomew says he believes that since the injunction, Mr. Samblis has promoted companies on the Web and in the magazine without fully disclosing his compensation arrangements with those companies, as required by securities law.

But Mr. Samblis maintains that he has disclosed compensation as required. Indeed, early this week, the Web site contained details of Mr. Samblis’s compensation arrangements with the companies being promoted there. Mr. Bartholomew declines to comment on whether those disclosures were adequate or to identify specific instances of violations.

Regardless, on Wednesday, Mr. Samblis sold the magazine and Web site to a second company, Lyons Media Group, a move that he says relieves him of any obligation to disclose compensation.

“The law says that if you publish a magazine or newsletter you’ve got to disclose,” Mr. Samblis says. “I’ve just made my life a lot easier by no longer publishing it. I’ve hired someone else to do it.”

The Web site still carries the same promotional stories on Mr. Samblis’s clients. The Web site’s disclosure on compensation was replaced by a single statement noting that Mr. Samblis’s company is paying Lyons Media $4,000 a month to feature his promotional materials on the site.

But that’s not good enough, the SEC says.

“The statute is clear. It says you can’t directly or indirectly promote without disclosing compensation,” says Mr. Bartholomew, the SEC lawyer. “You can’t insulate yourself from liability by selling the company.”

The magazine’s new owner, Dennis Lyons, president of Lyons Media Group in Howey-in-the-Hills, Fla., says he doesn’t think he has to disclose anything because he isn’t being paid directly by the companies. He says the disclosure on the site that he is being paid by Mr. Samblis’s company is “a voluntary disclosure.”

Mr. Lyons has worked with Mr. Samblis since the start of the Small Cap Journal, providing printing services for the magazine.

Several of Mr. Samblis’s clients say they’re not concerned about his previous run-in with the SEC, and say they’re happy with the work he has done for them. “I found out about the thing with the SEC, and it didn’t bother me,” says Gratian Yatsevitch, executive vice president and co-founder of International Shoe Manufacturing Corp., a company with an office in Washington, D.C., that plans to manufacture shoes for sale in India and elsewhere.

In exchange for being promoted in Small Cap Journal, Mr. Yatsevitch says International Shoe gave Mr. Samblis $8,000, 15,000 shares of free-trading stock, 20,000 shares of restricted stock that cannot be sold for one year and warrants to purchase an additional 100,000 shares for 50 cents each. Since signing on with Mr. Samblis in November 1998, International Shoe’s shares have climbed as high as 88 cents a share on the National Association of Securities Dealers’ OTC Bulletin Board service. Its stock was quoted at 44 cents a share this week.

Mr. Yatsevitch says International Shoe came to Mr. Samblis, who is handling public and investor relations for the company, “just to get some recognition, and to shout our story a little bit.” According to the SmallCap Journal, if International Shoe is able to land certain contracts it’s angling for, “it can expect revenues in excess of $125 million annually within three years. Profits are expected to be in the 20% to 25% range.”

Mr. Yatsevitch says those numbers sound about right. But the company hasn’t had any sales or made any money since being founded in September 1993. It also hasn’t manufactured any shoes. Mr. Yatsevitch says the company has been focused on raising money to complete a manufacturing facility in New Delhi. He says that since the company began, $2 million has been raised from private investors, and he says the company is close to securing an additional $2 million in financing that will allow it to finish its factory. The company expects to start making shoes in May or June.

Mr. Samblis says he hasn’t sold any of the stock International Shoe paid him, and says he hasn’t exercised the warrants. When he does sell stock that he is paid by companies, he says, he does so “in a way that doesn’t affect the market.”

Mr. Samblis says he’s also still holding on to the 50,000 restricted shares paid to him by, a new company that publishes a magazine and plans on hosting auctions — online and off — that target wealthy clients. The Bluffton, S.C., company retained Mr. Samblis in December 1998, when it was founded, to handle its investor relations. Its shares were quoted at $8.63 Thursday on the OTC Bulletin Board.

Mr. Samblis’s involvement with the company has drawn criticism from some participants in a stock-chat Web site, Silicon Investor ( ). They have repeatedly posted information about Mr. Samblis’s SEC case on a message board dedicated to Millionaire.

Robert White, Millionaire’s president, says he investigated Mr. Samblis’s background and the SEC case before hiring him. “It seems like it was not a big thing, and there was this agreement that he would basically not do anything like that again,” says Mr. White. “As far as I’m concerned, he’s clean as a whistle. He has done a good job for us.”

During his career as a broker, Mr. Samblis worked for 10 firms during 12 years, according to records with the National Association of Securities Dealers.

In May 1990, the NASD censured Mr. Samblis, fined him $10,000 and suspended him for five days for allegedly recommending some options investments to three customers without having reasonable grounds for believing that the recommendations were suitable for them. Mr. Samblis denied the allegations and says he later sued an NASD witness in that case, alleging she had lied. A jury awarded him $219,000 in damages, he says.

Mr. Samblis never paid the NASD fine; it was discharged after he filed for bankruptcy protection in October 1990, citing mounting medical bills.

Separately, in January 1990, he was fired from his job at what was then Dean Witter after a client claimed two unauthorized trades were made in her account. Mr. Samblis denied any wrongdoing in that case.

In an interview on Tuesday, before selling the magazine and Web site, Mr. Samblis said his reputation has been unfairly damaged by the continued focus — by the media and his online critics — on his SEC case. He also defended the practice of taking cash or stock in exchange for promoting companies. “What we’re doing is a good thing, if it’s done right,” he said.