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Some on the message boards are saying to the bag holders… just hang on, and when this company starts showing revenue… to the moon the PPS will go, and you will be a millionaire.  Yup… as a savvy investor, anonymous posters on a message board is just where you should be getting your investment advice !

IMTV is up to its eyeballs in debt.  The CEO alone has a claim to 240-MILLION dollars in profit.  Who do you think is going to get paid first ???  Yes folks… the CEO of IMTV Joseph Sirianni, according to the most recent Financials filing (HERE) he (as Chairman of the Board) has awarded himself a 240-million dollar golden parachute.  With perhaps another 500-million dollars due him in a stock conversion of “blank check” stock shares that can be converted to Series-A (worth $1.00 each).  Full details are outlined HERE.   WOW… what a sweet deal !

Another detail that is unknown is… if there really was a sale to Mr. Steven Samblis, do you think he gave up the company for free???  There are many that believe there was really no sale, just another rouse played on the novice investors.  Many believe Mr. Steven Samblis is still pulling the strings in the background.  But, just for a second, lets say there was a “sale”.  HOW MUCH was paid ???  Any payment to Mr. Samblis was either in the form of cash, perhaps to be paid based on share sale level, or perhaps super-cheap stock that could be sold back to the market for payment.  Either way, if there really was a sale, the details are “Private” and investors will likely never know how much of the future profit is already under obligation.  Given that IMTV is a non-reporting company, investors will likely never know.   AND… if stock was provided in lieu of cash… how many shares were dumped into the market (or have yet to be dumped) to satisfy this debt?

If overwhelming debt wasn’t enough to scare you away… how about the 61-BILLION (yes BILLION, that is no misprint) shares that are owned by the toxic financiers !  They need to get paid also.  Do you really think they will be “forgiving” this debt ???   It’s very likely that those on the message boards pumping IMTV are working for the toxic financiers.  They are probably working in some boiler room creating fake aliases to make it sound like there are a ton of seasoned investors that have some inside scoop on the company.  You should be suspicious of anyone who comes on a message board and says he’s buying the stock.  If you were really buying the stock you would just buy it and shut up… you don’t need to tell the world about it.

Folks… do your own due-diligence.  Let the documents speak for themselves.  Supporting documents are available with a simple Google search, and documents don’t lie.  Not hype – REAL DOCUMENTS !  Read them and make your own decisions.  Read a few of the posts on the message boards, they are full of admitted bag holders.  You should at least consider someone brave enough to admit to the world that they made a really bad decision by being caught up in the hype and bought something they now regret.  Do you really think this company has a bright future saddled with this much debt, shrouded in secrecy with “Private Transactions”, and the ridiculous amount of shares yet to be dumped into the market???