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Folks see what they want to see… and pumpers post what they are told to post… and those that own IMTV stock are about now likely thinking that for all the shares that have been sold over the last 3-days with only a .0001 increase in PPS (which is not likely to hold), they are posting in an effort to gin up support so they can hope to correct their probable purchase error.

The ongoing controversy over Mr. Steven Samblis still owning the company seems to have some self-serving efforts at foot.  Those with experience in all things Samblis and his previous actions are confident KHudson is in fact Mr. Steven Samblis. Given the evidence, they are likely 100% correct.  There is no evidence KHudson is NOT Mr. Steven Samblis !

So… does Mr. Steven Samblis still own IMTV as the experienced watchers think… or, are they just so angry at having lost huge sums of money believing in Mr. Steven Samblis’s previous failed efforts, that they can not accept the truth???

Well… lets have a look at the evidence.  yes, guessing is fun, but should you really be guessing with your hard earned money ???  And although its a pretty stupid statement that all you can lose is 100%, who wants to lose anything if they don’t have to?

So… the pumpers make a big deal about the SEC filing.  Their statements seem to indicate a naive mindset that because it was filed with the SEC… it has to be true.  Well, not so fast, at least in the case of Mr. Steven Samblis.  We have documented previously that Mr. Samblis has filed inaccurate, and misleading, and some say illegal filings with the SEC.  See the proof here.  Not simply speculation, but actual documented proof.

Now… lets have a look at the 8K again… someone please point out where it says there was a “sale”.  We see the words “transaction“… but not “sale“.  Is it possible that the parties to the agreement did not understand the difference between a transaction, and a sale?  Do you really want to invest in a company where the parties to the agreement did not know the difference between a transaction and a sale ???  OR… was the word “transaction” used specifically to mislead readers?  Transaction does not mean sale.  AND… even if there was a “sale”… why not use the word SALE ???

Now… most folks who are trading stocks understand the basic structure of a company… at least they should.  Most know that the title of CEO does not necessarily mean “owner”.  A person can be CEO of a company, and not “own” the company.  Then there is the other troublesome choice of words used in the filing…”JOE SIRIANNI has consented to act …”  Use of the words “consented to act” seems to be purposefully chosen here also.   Is the “consent” based on something in the “private transaction” perhaps???

Now… for all the pumpers out there (likely in the employ of Asher), this is a common sense alert !  What you are about to see is the use of common sense, and since you are likely not interested in any common sense, you should skip over this part.  WHY were those specific words chosen, when there are other words that leave no uncertainty as to the actions ?  When one connects the dots (facts as they have been published – and there are many !), it makes a very strong case for there being a willingness to mislead.

Also, when investors look at about 100-million shares being sold in the last few days… with no significant PPS increase, that appears to be another indication of something not being right, or normal.  Usually, the PPS moves up as the volume moves up.  Significant increase in volume without a PPS increase, strongly indicates dilution… i.e. someone ginning up false interest to unload shares into the market.   Remember folks… if it’s Asher selling off the shares they were unable to unload previously (as a result of the toxic financing Mr. Steven Samblis entered into), their cost is likely 50% of current PPS, or, perhaps the “private transaction” involved Mr. Steven Samblis getting shares in exchange for something in the “private transaction” that he did not want you to know about, at likely a huge discounted price (i.e both could sell at .0001 and still make a bundle).  There must be something in there that they don’t want you to know about, otherwise they would have filed the agreement with the 8k.

Folks, nothing stands alone, specially when it comes to understanding Mr. Steven Samblis’s actions.  One needs to look at the ENTIRE picture.  To point to the 8K alone and conclude there was a “sale” of the company, is simply to ignore your common sense.  We have documented time and time again how Mr. Steven Samblis uses creative word choice in order to give himself deniability at some later date, and you should be asking yourself… WHY were those specific words chosen in the 8K when other words, more common words, more direct words, were available for use.

Also, go back a read the KHudson posts, only this time read them thinking it is in fact Mr. Steven Samblis.  Ask yourself… WHY and HOW does a brand new alias know so much about the inner workings of IMTV, and why is that person pumping the stock so feverishly ?  Then, if you still have any doubts that the poster is Mr. Steven Samblis, go back and read the posts of mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero.  While you are reading those posts, ask yourself the same questions.  Also, take a look at this post outlining the same thoughts.

Folks, read the material and decide for yourself, but if you do read the material it will be difficult to come to any other conclusion than Mr. Steven Samblis still owns IMTV, and is still calling the shots.  Other than the 8K, which has some serious concerns… there is no other evidence indicating Mr. Steven Samblis is not in charge of IMTV.  Common sense alert here… if there really was a sale (and again the facts point to otherwise) does anyone think Mr. Steven Samblis simply walked away from the company without some form of compensation ???  Ask yourself… what is a “shell” worth, and then divide that by .0001, and you should have a handle on the number of shares coming to the market.

Still think “guessing is fun” ???  It likely depends on you owning shares of IMTV or not !