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Looks like IMTV is “going dark”, with the filing of Form-15 today.  Although this is a distinction without a difference, since there has been no reporting for quite a while anyway.   Here is an article about the process.

Now… here is the most interesting part.  Given the huge controversy over Mr. Samblis having walked away from the company… notice the address of record listed on today’s filing.  Yes, that’s correct, its the very same address that has been used on many other SEC filings by Mr. Samblis.  i.e. although Mr. Steven Samblis states he has walked away from the company… the address of record has not changed.

Could the hyped new owner be using the very same office as Mr. Samblis… possible maybe, but not likely.  Here is the post we did about the location back in August of 2014.

So… you’re Joseph S. Serianni and you just took over the company, and A) it’s been over 5-months and no one has heard a peep from you, and B) both SEC filings that you filed have the same address as the previous owner, who doesn’t have the best reputation with running the company, and C) a new alias shows up on Investors Hub touting the resurgence of the company, just prior to filing the SEC Form-15, and the poster has all the hallmarks of the tactics Mr. Steven Samblis used to pump the company previously.  Did someone leave the hard boiled eggs out too long, because something just doesn’t smell right.

And… 60-milion shares traded today.

IMTV_Trades_061716Certainly looks like an Asher dump, given they are all within 5-6 minutes of one another.  Remember… Asher likely bought these shares at a 50-60% discount off the current PPS, AND… because of the reverse split, they likely have even less cost in the shares, as we indicated here.  WOW… .00001 pps.  Yes, that’s 4-zero’s and a 1.  So, they paid $600.00 for those shares, and sold them today for $6000.00.  Not bad for 5-minutes work !  How can an any retail investor compete with that ???

So folks… looks like Mr. Steven Samblis took any IMTV investor money that was in the couch cushions and started a private company, but investors will likely never know a true account of their money, given the Form-15 filing today.   As they say… let the buyer beware.  Do your homework FIRST !