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Well folks… it’s been a while since we last posted.  Nothing to write about because Mr. Steven M. Samblis sold everything and retired from the CEO business, right?  Well, maybe not.

There was a recent press release for Fortune Road Media, Inc., (see it here) which, as many loyal followers might recognize, has all the writing styles frequently utilized by Mr. Steven M. Samblis during his ICPA/IMTV days.  In fact, it appears even the “new” company name is a recycle of days gone by.  The below graphic is an excerpt from an article written back in 1999 entitled “Saga of a fallen Internet Stock: Millionaire.com“.  See it here.

Samblis_FortuneMedia2Now, it’s interesting to notice that there appears to be a new “front-man” for the new initiative, Mr. Sean O’Riordan.  Check the “Contacts” name at the bottom of the above linked press release.  You may remember a similar (apparently failed) attempt to mask Mr. Samblis’s new efforts at continuing to create a network broadcasting empire, with the use of another “front-man”, namely Mr. Joseph S Sirriani.  Notice that Mr. Samblis’s name appears nowhere in or around the press release.  Yet, it’s well known, and documented, that Fortune Road Media, Inc. is a Mr. Steven M. Samblis entity.  (See below)  Apparently, Mr. Samblis thinks his name is so toxic that associating such with any new initiative would be counterproductive to its success.  Wait… didn’t Mr. Samblis spend investor funds to have his name trademarked ?  Why would anyone spend money to trademark a name that apparently they are ashamed to use?


Now… no one is, or should be, attempting to deny Mr. Samblis the right to make a living.  BUT… the question here is, were ICPA/IMTV investor funds used to create a revenue stream that benefits only Mr. Samblis.  Given that there has been no significant audited financial accounting of the public company finances, how can investors (who lost significant amounts of money on their investments) be assured assets, and/or revenue from the public company were not used to start the new Fortune Road Media, Inc. company?

Also, IF, there was some level of misrepresentation or co-mingling of any assets or funds, such would at the very least likely be considered unscrupulous behavior, and at worst, possible criminal behavior.   Additionally, IF questionable actions were taken by Mr. Samblis, one would wonder why others would associate themselves, or their name, with that of Mr. Samblis.  The history of Mr. Samblis’s actions related to business partners or associates are well documented, just ask Mr. Joseph Collins for one.

So folks… you have the data, you need to decide for yourself what you believe is going on with Mr. Samblis.  There doesn’t appear to be any creditable evidence that Mr. Samblis sold the public company, or isn’t still involved at the control level somehow (given the “Private Sale”).  The public company still currently trades, albeit barely, and the PPS is currently sitting at .0001.   It is very possible that soon, given the new press release of Fortune Road Media, Inc, that there will be another attempt to revive the public company.   Look for another push, possibly soon, and possibly by the Asher related folks, to start posting on message boards about “loading the boat” because this thing is “going to the moon”.  You may even see hyped PR’s that indicate IMTV bought this hugely popular financial powerhouse called Fortune Road Media, Inc.  And… it’s likely Mr. Samblis’s name will be nowhere to be found.  If successful at the “rebranding”… new investors will likely be unaware of what’s going on.  At least that will likely be the plan.

Investors should ask themselves this… WHY, when Fortune Road Media, Inc. (from all appearances, a private company) releases a press release, (like they did here) do they feel the need to display a “Envision TV Safe Harbor Statement” at the bottom, which includes the following statement: “A more extensive listing of risks and factors that may affect the company’s business prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements can be found in the reports and other documents filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.