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So folks… Mr. Steven Samblis is gone from IMTV and the public company world.  Well, maybe not.  As we indicated in our post from October 23rd of 2015, Mr. Samblis could install a straw CEO and carry on as normal.  Is that what is happening with the latest news?

Some say… the news was delivered via an 8K filing, how could it be bogus?  Well, Mr. Samblis is no stranger to inaccurate SEC filings.  Our post on November 17, 2014 lists several examples where the evidence points to Mr. Samblis having misled, or lied, to the investing public, (items 3 & 4 specifically).  So, those folks who have been involved with Mr. Samblis for many years would no doubt question the validity of this latest SEC filing.

And, this quote from the most recent filing tells the whole story:


The entire explanatory section starts out with “As a result of a private transaction…“.  So all that any concerned parties know is what the principal parties want you to know.  It is very likely that interested parties don’t know what the principals didn’t want you to know.   Experience folks like Maynerd understand the history behind Mr. Steven Samblis.   Maynerd’s posts, here and here,  put this latest news into perspective quite nicely.   As they say… the devil is in the details – and investors likely don’t have all the details.  This was a “private” transaction… who knows what the back story is.  Many long-time investors of Mr. Samblis would say, it is HIGHLY unlikely Mr. Samblis has completely removed himself from all aspects of IMTV.

MilesBlue42 also brings a historical perspective to this issue with his post here.  Asher influence very likely played a large role in not only the apparent change of leadership, but all the new aliases showing up today to pump the stock.  Asher very likely had a ton of shares to unload in order to recover, and profit, from the many convertible loans to Mr. Steven Samblis.    You know… all the shares Mr. Samblis never sold !   Sad to see so many uninformed investors take another bath on this company.  Of course there will be the pumpers who say they are in it big time, and suggest to others that they “load the boat” because under new leadership this company is going “to the moon”.   Ask a few of the previous investors if they have heard this before.  They could give you 10-years worth of pumped up hollow failures.

So folks… stay tuned.  As the quote states… “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“.   Well… a few minutes with Google will educate the curious potential investors thinking about “loading the boat” into getting the full story behind this company, and the man who ran it for over 10-years.  Oh wait… he is no longer involved.  Yea… riiiiiiiiiiiight !