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Well folks… Mr. Samblis… opps, we keep doing that.. we mean Mr. QueFine, posted a post earlier today, that appears once again, to cast Mr. Samblis, and his company Imagination TV (IMTV) in the victim role.  Those of you who have followed Mr. Samblis for a long time know this to be where he runs to when he has no data to fight the facts.  Let’s look at a few of these statements made in this post.  AND, by the way, it has since been deleted, but once again, we managed to capture it before it was deleted.  Although, the captured image is not perfect, you can clearly see the post.


Samblis_QueFinePost_FeelSorryForCEO_101115bHe never sold those shares.  It’s clear he registered them but the records show he never sold them.”    This is a totally ridiculous statement.  Documents can not prove a negative.  No document can show a non-event.  Just because there are no documents supporting a sale, doesn’t mean there was never a sale.  But, as has been demonstrated previously, we agree, Mr. Samblis has very likely not “sold” any shares.  HOWEVER… acting as CEO of the company, he has CAUSED the transfer of shares to the general public through his numerous convertible loan deals – this IS documented via SEC filings.

It’s a sad reality that you can take any man’s life and dig into it and twist and adjust the truth to make it sound like a circus.”   Isn’t this exactly what Mr. Samblis has done to Larry ?   Once again, it appears OK for Mr. Samblis to do it, but no one else is allowed.

Calling this guy a con-artist.  Saying he lied.  Saying he sold shares and many other statements with no factual back ground are unfortunate actions.  They effect this person i am sure in a very bad way.”  Well… the data seems to support he is a con-artist.  Many of Mr. Samblis’s documented actions fall perfectly in line with the actions of a con-Artist.   Additionally, there are numerous instances of documented actions that Mr. Samblis lied.  For a few examples, see this post.  And, once again, this statement attempts to paint Mr. Samblis as the victim.  If you want to see some real victims, take a look at all the investors that lost money believing in Mr. Samblis and what he was going to do.

Everyone was in this with the goal of fullfiling their greed.”  and  “If people lost money after buying this stock the only one they have to blame is theirselves.”   WOW… Now that seems to about sum up the care and concern the CEO must have for the loyal investors in his company.  Since Mr. QueFine seems to have intimate knowledge of the company and it’s dealings, surely he has insight into the mind of Mr. Samblis.  It is simply unbelievable any CEO would make a statement like that !  With that mindset it’s no wonder the company’s stock value is where it’s at today.  It would seem to also explain why the CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis did so many convertible loan deals.  It must have been all about the money, with no thought whatsoever about the investors.

I read all the press.  When the company began working on a project they issued a press release.  Like any other under funded company, they had good intentions but clearly did not have the money to follow through.”   Well, it stands to reason that the one person that KNEW they didn’t have the money to follow through, was the CEO !  Why then was the press release ever released in the first place if the CEO knew he didn’t have the money to follow through???  The one conclusion that presents itself above all others is… to sell stock !   Also, why is it that every effort, accompanied by a grandiose press release, never came to fruition ?  Wouldn’t most reasonable CEO’s realize at some point that maybe I better not put out the press release until the project has met several significant  milestones ?

There was no millions of dollars going to the company.  When people bought this stock they bought from other people holding it.  Every Q and K the share count supports this.”  First… no one really knows how much money went through this company because the details are either not reported, or in the case of questionable SEC documents that reported such things as there was no Samblis employment contract, or, there were no legal actions, that if anything was reported is was likely not creditable to investors.    Additionally, when unsuspecting investors bought the company stock, they were very likely buying the stock from the likes of Asher, who is on record as having owned a bunch of stock, acquired through the CEO’s convertible financing deals.

I think about and read all these personal attacks on the CEO and none of them are about the company.  They are personal and just Hateful.”   Actually, most of the comments are about the CEO’s actions.  Granted, there are some that attack him on a personal level, but here again, the CEO has attacked those that speak unfavorably of him also.  Here again, it appears OK for Mr. Samblis to attack others, but to do the same to him is “hateful”.  Mr. Quifine… can you really blame investors for hating Mr. Samblis based on their financial losses as a result of the bad decisions of Mr. Samblis, and, what you describe as his likely mindset that investors are stupid for investing in his company, and deserve what they got because of their “greed” ?  Shame on you Mr. QueFine !

I think if people wanted this company to turn around price wise, it was a mistake to attack it so much that everyone jumped ship.”    Perhaps that would have been a true statement YEARS ago, when the CEO made a few bad decisions, however at some point investors came to realize much of the above, and although they realized that while their investment was  not salvageable at that point,  they felt the moral obligation to warn others, based on their own experience and opinion.  After all, as you indicated, the CEO thought that investors were greedy and had no one to blame but themselves.

It appears the only one that’s did not jump ship is the CEO who has sold no stock and received no paycheck.”   First, just for clarification…  can you tell the readers how you could possible know the CEO did not take a pay check?   We won’t hold our breath for that answer, however, unless the CEO had a part time job at WalMart or something… how was he paying his personal expenses, like rent, utilities on his living quarters, insurance, food, clothing, etc, etc, etc ?   There appears to be very little assets listed in the SEC filings, and little if any operating costs recorded… so where did all the money go from the convertible loans ?  We know the massive cost for providing beverages on the set was borne by Reeds, so that can’t be where the money went.  Did most of the money go to chasing Larry ???

When you laugh about the stock price and cheer the no bid remember the only people that you are hurting is the shareholders.  I recommend  people help them see value for their holdings by finding a way to turn this company around.”   So… it’s the investors that need to find a way to turn this company around???  Isn’t it the CEO’s responsibility to turn this company around ???   The CEO has had over 10-years to turn this company around.  Do you really expect investors to believe that if they would just start speaking favorably about an unfavorable situation, that would do the trick?  AND… they should do this because they know the CEO cares so much about them?  This sounds a lot like victim talk, and talk from someone that wants to do more convertible loan deals in order to fund the CEO’s lifestyle – for which he has never taken a paycheck according to you.

And saving the best for last… “They spent hundreds of thousands keeping the company public.  All the money they borrowed went to that so they own a public company.  I would encourage people to help the company find a way to take advantage of the public vehicle.  If they could find a company with a good product and cash flow they could put it in the company and turn his around, then all the shareholders could recover.”   This is just a totally ridiculous statement on so many levels !!!   So, are you saying, or in fact admitting, that the current company is not capable of surviving on it’s own, and the only thing that can save it is to acquire another company with cash flow ???   Mr. QueFine… perhaps you are so new to Investors Hub that you do not remember how that worked out with Punch TV, or the Runway deal (in spite of all this research you say you have done).  You expect investors to fall for that again ?   AND… investors see (or don’t see) all the cash flow from Imagination TV, which is supposed to be part of IMTV – the public company, yet in spite of advertising running on all Mr. Samblis’s websites… not one dollar is reported on the SEC filings.  Where is that money going ???  And, if you say that the advertising investors see is there free of charge… what kind of CEO places advertising on their sites for free?   Is that the type of CEO you expect investors to invest in ???

Mr. QueFine… you really need to do some more homework !  Do you not look at the documents that support the above?  Or, do you look at those documents and not believe your lying eyes?   Why would you support a CEO that you indicated thought that investors were stupid and greedy?  WHAT is in it for YOU ?   You really need to come up with something a little stronger than “trust me” in order for people to take you seriously.   There is this thing called Google nowadays.  Potential investors can simply Google the facts and decide for themselves if the data supports an investment or not.  No longer do they need to rely on simply what a CEO tells them.   It may be a shock for you to learn that some CEO’s will lie from time to time in order to promote their company, and therein, themselves.  Sad, but true !