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Well folks… seems like loyal readers of the Investors Hub IMTV board are scratching their heads on yet another mysterious new alias showing up on the board to seemingly pump the IMTV stock.  “QueFine“.


So how is it that Mr. QueFine knows how to navigate to Investors Hub, create an alias, then navigate to the IMTV board,  then post a message asking for the website address for Imagination TV – yet Mr. QueFine doesn’t know enough to simply Google the company name???  Then, when the tactic didn’t work, Mr. QueFine returns and posts the link on the board (of course for the benefit of all those readers that also didn’t know about the Google thing !)

WOW… these aliases like mrighttrade, dotd, zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero, and now QueFine sure have a rough time searching for information on the IMTV stock… yet they seem to be very quick responding to posters who for years have followed the company, and CEO Mr. Steven Samblis.  Funny how the folks who have followed the stock, and CEO Mr. Steven Samblis, for years, have told readers multiple times to simply Google the CEO Steven Samblis if they want to know (and see) facts and documentation regarding the company and the CEO’s history.

The aliases mentioned above might want to seriously think about buying some mutual funds instead of trading in penny stocks if they are not intelligent enough to use the Google search engine to do their DD.  Folks would have to have been living under a rock for the last 10-15 years to not have heard of Google.  Could they be the ones who still have a rotary phone, or perhaps a Commodore 64 with dial-up internet service ?

Anyway folks… don’t be fooled by an brand new alias on a message board… do your own DD, and Google (or ANY search engine) to do your homework on this company, and it’s CEO Mr. Steven Samblis.  Who you going to believe, a new alias on a message board, or, actual documents posted on reference sites?  It is amazing, and frankly highly suspect, that a new alias comes on to a message board and promotes a stock that has been sitting at what amounts to  point zero, zero, zero worthless, and has not filed financial reports for quite some time.  Just ask yourself… WHO would promote such a stock ???   WHO has the most to gain from doing so ???  Follow the money – or in this company’s case – the lack of it !