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So… below is a quote from last night’s article:


Mr. CVeradero is as predictable as Mr. Steven Samblis.  What a coincidence.  There were multiple posts from Mr. CVeradero since our article last night (many of his posts appear to have been deleted), and not once did Mr. CVeradero respond to any of the examples we provided in our Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire post.  Just in case Mr. CVeradero misplaced the link, here it is again.  So… Mr. CVeradero has the time to post multiple times, but does he make ANY attempt to rebut the examples provided in the post ???  No… he takes the predictable action of attempting to shoot the messenger, in hopes to distract readers from picking up on the fact that he choose not to address the examples.  What does THAT tell you ?

Now… as if anyone needed more proof of who Mr. CVeradero may be… check these next 2 graphics out.



Notice the times.  At 5:10:55 MilesBlue42 posts a message challenging Mr. CVeradero to explain where the 350+ million IMTV shares went.  Then at 5:21:20 Mr. CVeradero responds saying … “I just looked at the information on the SEC websites.

So… are readers to believe a new poster, (who’s alias was just created on 9/12/2015, fell in love with IMTV and Mr. Steven Samblis and started posting promotional posts about the company), then read MilesBlue42’s post, then  navigated to the Edgar website, searched through all the documents until he found the specific one that addressed the sale of the shares, read through it, then flipped back over to IHub, drafted the response, and posted it… all in under 11 minutes?

WOW… does Mr. CVeradero really think people are that stupid ???  Or, is Mr. CVeradero simply trying to garner some movement in a stock that appears to be dead, and worthless.

Also WOW… it’s a good thing this isn’t Mr. Samblis, because some governmental agency may just think it’s stock manipulation by deception.

So… now Mr. CVeradero can get back to the business of shooting the messenger for pointing out these examples, because it sure seems like he has plenty of time on his hands not having to address the REAL issues !