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Thinking about investing some of your hard earned funds in IMTV ?  Here is something to consider first.  MilesBlue42 nails it again… kudo’s to MilesBlue.  Check out the image below (click to enlarge).


Also, you might want to check this previous post out.  And this post here.   In fact you might want to check out Google also.  Five minutes on Google will tell you all you need to know if considering an investment in IMTV, then, proceed accordingly as you see fit.

Keep in mind if you’re buying for a quick-flip to make some cheddar as they say… in order to make any money, you will need to sell those shares.  When trying to sell your shares, you will likely be competing with the likes of Asher.  Asher likely has a ton of shares to sell… and they bought them a LOT less then you did.  They can underbid you by a lot and still make a ton of cheddar.

This graphic paints the picture pretty well.  This is an excerpt from the most recent 10-Q SEC filing by the company (here).  Do the math on how many shares that is… staggering, just staggering.  Then look at the cost of those converted shares.  You gotta ask yourself… how could anyone compete with that???


So… as Clint Eastwood’s famous line goes… “do you feel lucky”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0-oinyjsk0)   Remember… the information about the company, and CEO, is readily available, so anyone losing money on their IMTV investment will need to look in the mirror when looking for someone to blame.  Take it from those that know first hand, and have shared such experience on numerous message boards.  Good luck !