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So… yesterday, BZippy gets the boot from Investors Hub, IMTV board.  Today… a brand new alias shows up, HouseSmith, and starts posting grandiose promotional posts about Mr. Steve Samblis and the great initiatives of his company.  Hummm ???

BZippyBoot2   BBZippyBoot_4

Now what’s an investor to think???  Could it possibly just be a coincidence that mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, and of late, HouseSmith all have all followed the same pattern of posting?   Could there really be this many people that are so happy with their investment that they feel the need to come on the IMTV message board to strongly promote the company? 

Does anyone think these aliases are anyone other than Mr. Steve Samblis himself?  Many believe it is in fact Mr. Steven Samblis making these posts.  There have also been many who have commented about the differences in the posting behavior of what they strongly believe is Mr. Samblis, and that of Mr. Joseph Collins.  It is clearly evident that Mr. Collins does not hide behind a bogus alias when he posts on a message board.  In fact, Mr. Collins has done two “on the record” interviews with us in the past.  Many think this is the proper and professional way to face investors.  How long has it been since Mr. Samblis has faced his investors.  Perhaps long before the reverse splits that wiped out the investment of many investors.

Folks… do your homework on Mr. Steven Samblis, and the history of his performance as CEO of his companies, before making an investment decision.  There is plenty of information available with a simple Google search.  Many have thought they could make a quick buck in flipping stock like this, only to learn later they are competing with the likes of Asher trying to sell those shares later.  Shares are very easy to buy, but you may find them extremely difficult to sell because the competition for buyers is so overwhelming.  Remember… shares being sold by someone who may have acquired them through converting debt into shares, has purchased them for far less than the retail buyer could ever hope to pay.  They can undercut a retail seller every time.   If it is indeed Mr. Steven Samblis posting incognito on a message board as many believe…that’s a REAL BIG red flag.  Can you think of any other CEO that does that ?  And… WHY would a CEO do that ?