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Seems as though the CEO of IC Places Inc, and IMTV Founder Steven M. Samblis is trying desperately to save a company that appears to be not savable under the current leadership.  Take a look at the below graphic (click to enlarge).  The chart represents the performance results of IC Places, Inc. under the current leadership of Steven M. Samblis (adjusted for reverse splits).  This type of performance is likely one for the record books.  And when you couple this performance with the millions and millions of dollars of investor funds poured into IC Places, Inc. it just boggles the mind to think one man could be responsible for this type of performance.



Recently, investors are seeing more of the same promotion that caused many initial investors to lose big on their investment dollars, believing these recent type promotions like buying another company, and exclusive deals with broadcast rights, new shows, etc., etc., etc.  would increase the PPS of the stock.   What did that belief get them… a stock PPS that fell like a rock in a vacuum.  After 2 reverse splits of the stock in 2014 alone (4 total since 2007) the PPS closed yesterday at .0005.

Below you can see an excellent post by Meadow2009 which seems to recap the company status pretty well.  Looking at this post, coupled with the company’s past performance, it just boggles the mind how anyone could have confidence in this company, and it’s CEO, Mr. Steven M. Samblis.


One must ask themselves… how could this be?   After the millions and millions of investor dollars that have been poured into this company, how is it even possible for a CEO to squander millions trying to run a company, only to have the PPS perform this bad.  AND… on top of that, the company has not reported any revenue in about 2-years.  ZERO revenue… how is that even possible ???  That apparently means that whatever effort, and whatever amount of investor money spent pursuing return on investor funds… resulted in ZERO revenue.  That seems either impossible, or, something else is happening with either the revenue, or, the reporting of it.

Folks… view the latest round of promotion with a skeptical eye.  Do your homework !  If the past is any indication of the future, the results from the current promotional efforts will likely return the same results.   And remember… consider the data in Meadow’s post above regarding the potential shares that will be sold into the market as a result of the financing agreements and employment contract currently in force.  WOW… scary !