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As can be seen in that below graphic (click to enlarge), Mr. Samblis announces on his Imagination TV page that on November 20, 2014 he has retained an attorney in an attempt to hijack some of our sites (this notice has since been removed).   He had been threatening this action for several months. We are happy to announce, this attempt has failed – we retain our sites. 

Samblis_ICANN_PRAlthough the decision text has already been posted on some stock message boards, we have posted the complete set of documents below.   One can only wonder at what this effort cost investors.  Mr. Samblis was quoted as saying the attorney he hired had never lost one of these cases.  That caliber of attorney typically does not come cheap.   As some have said, it’s a shame that Mr. Samblis doesn’t devote as much effort at building the company as he does pursuing vindictive actions such as this UDRP dispute.