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Yes folks… less than a month after a massive reverse split of the stock (the 2nd. in about 7-months), which wiped out most current investors, the stock is about to hit the trips again.  Today’s volume… an embarrassing 457 shares traded all day.  As report cards go, this one is not looking too good for Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of the newly renamed Imagination TV (formally IC Places, Inc.).   Investors seemingly have no confidence in the company, it’s ability to generate revenue, or, it’s CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis.

The new news on the message boards is the emergence of Mr. Samblis’s nemesis,  Mr. Joseph Collins.  Apparently Mr. Collins learned a thing or two about forming (or in this case buying) another public company and rebranding it to Urban Television Network.  It appears Mr. Samblis has adopted yet another bogus alias SunTzueyes, and has taken to the newly formed Urban Television Network (URBT) Investors Hub message board to bash Mr. Collins.  You can follow along here.

This post below seems to sum up the sentiment of the readers pretty well. (click to enlarge)


Many seem to think that IC Places and Mr. Samblis were far better off with Mr. Collins in the picture.  This post by Milesblue42 sums it up for many.


Milesblue is right… Mr. Collins was never afraid to face his investors – AS HIMSELF, and address some difficult questions.  As an example, here is the post we did as a result of an interview we did with Mr. Collins shortly after the breakup.  And here is a post which highlights the difference between the two men.  An excerpt from that post is shown below.

ExcerptFromBreakupPostTime will tell which man has the ability to create a real company that actually returns earnings and profits to investors, however many say that Mr. Samblis has already failed miserably at his attempt.  It is very hard to imagine Mr. Samblis ever making a go of turning around the results of his decisions and actions to date in running his company.  Say what you will about Mr. Collins, but perhaps his time has come to kick his company into high gear, given the new opportunity of a public company, without Mr. Samblis having the final say in what happens.

Mr. Collins… we would welcome the opportunity for you to be interviewed again in order to defend some of the accusations  “SunTzueyes” has levied against you.  Perhaps now would be the best time to set the record straight.