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Yes folks… what Mr. Samblis said he wouldn’t do… he just did.  See below.  (Full document link here.)


So… what should investors expect now.  Well, we think that what we said back in early October of 2013 would be the best bet.  Below is an excerpt from that post, however its worth reading the entire post here.


So… many expect Mr. Samblis will go into hiding, and who could blame him, but we believe Mr. Samblis’s arrogance will move him to make an appearance on the message boards, or in a press release, and try to sell the reverse split as the best thing for investors.  He may believe that the best thing for the company is to drive off all current investors and troll for some new ones.  That may have been a useful tactic back in the day, but in today’s time, with such easy access to historical information via the internet, any new potential investor will quickly find that the history of Mr. Samblis’s previous actions with regard investing in his company, is readily available with a few clicks of their mouse.  Today… there is no place to hide.  Your history WILL be found !

So… with the PPS not being able to go much lower, a reverse split will now allow Mr. Samblis to sell more stock because now it will have some room to fall some more before it reaches .0001 again.  What’s that you say… he has less of it to sell now because the reverse split reduced the number of HIS shares also?  Remember… all he has to do is fire up the printing press and make some more shares, and get back on the message boards and pump, pump, pump.  Pretty sweet deal he has going there don’t you think ?  Look for the symbol change soon now that he has some breathing room to sell more shares to pay for it.