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Yes folks… only 4-more days to go before the “World Launch” of VU Television Network.  Stock was up 28% today on a little less than normal average daily volume.  And at one point during the day the PPS actually got out of the tipple zero’s.   Funny how many are getting excited to get back to .001.  It would be like gas getting back to say 2.99 a gallon.  Everyone would be so happy, but you know in reality 2.99 is still a lousy price.

The BIG question is… what is Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media going to do before the launch???  4-days before the launch and no one has seen a broadcast schedule, slate of shows other than the few that were announced over a month ago, who the advertisers are, revenue projections, where the content can been seen other than FilmOn, etc, etc, etc.  Either there will have to be a 10-page Press Release on the 22nd., or, we have seen all we are going to see until AFTER the launch.  The business plan so far has been to not release anything for fear the bashers will do something to derail the plan.  Well… if the relationships have not been solidified by now, investors are in for some more pain.  And what about fear that even after the launch, the bashers will attempt to derail the plan?  Maybe Mr. Samblis should never release the plan… that way the bashers could not derail something no one knows about… even the viewing public.  Sounds crazy we know, but so does the plan to have not released anything even this close to the launch date.  Well… the remaining investors have waited this long, and tolerated Mr. Samblis’s  actions (and non-actions) for this long, what’s 4 more days.

Now, what will happen to the PPS 5-days from now???  That’s the big question.  Answer… likely nothing.  Why… because of all the shenanigans that have transpired up to this point.  There are still too many unanswered questions that will likely remain unanswered LONG after the launch, and are likely to go unanswered forever.  If the PPS withers and dies, there is no need to answer the questions… and if the PPS goes sky-hi, there will be no reason to answer the questions.  Does anyone really think that there are any potential investors that have not seen the numerous problems with PNCH?  Are there any investors out there that will think Steve Samblis is CEO of the year once they spend more than 5-minutes doing some DD on PNCH history?   And finally, does anyone think the bashers will not be hammering away after the launch about PNCH and its CEO Steven Samblis?   As much as any remaining investors wish the best for PNCH… the past will always be nearby to bring concern to any potential new investor.  The only thing that can blind most investors is money !  If PNCH can demonstrate it can produce tons on cash for investors, investors will invest and disregard all the red flags that they would normally be fearful of.  However, it will likely be a year or more before that kind of cash starts rolling in… if ever.

So… as much as current investors wish it, all current indicators point to Launch day likely being lack luster at best, and not doing too much for the PPS.  We hope we’re wrong, but the handwriting is on the wall.