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News came out last night… and the stock fell 25% today !    WOW… the PPS closed today at .0006 on almost 3X the normal daily average.  The PPS did reach a low today of .0005 at one point.

Now some viewed the news as good, while others viewed it as too little too late.  There are also still many unanswered questions as we come up on the “Launch” date.  There were a series of great questions listed here in this post on the Investors Hangout.  These questions are in part, representative of the many questions that have been asked in the past.  Investors are still waiting for answers to these, and many other questions, however avoidance is all they are receiving at present.

Some, maybe many, were also very disappointed in the news that apparently VU Television will not be broadcasting to 15 Over-The-Air markets as had previously been put forth.  Apparently broadcasting of any content will be limited to the FilmOn web application as the “Launch”.   Mr. Samblis was attempting to sell the great potential of this with several of his posts on Investors Hangout last night… but it received a cool reception by many.  Though others were trying to put as good a spin on it as they could.  However apparently the investing community spoke the loudest today as reflected in the 25% decline in the PPS.

So… we wait.  What are we waiting for…a miracle !   Some are asking… can this stock ever regain some value with Samblis as CEO?   Some certainly believe he lacks the integrity, and the ability, to turn this company around.   Many believe he needs to come clean on many of these issues he is avoiding.   What he is doing certainly is not working.  A good CEO can realize a plan is not working and adjust accordingly… however, there is no controlling Board of Directors to enforce such action, therefor nothing is likely to change.