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When it comes to penny stocks… the answer is a resounding NO.  We wrote about this 3-months ago to this day, here, and as it was true back then… its true today. 

Mr. Steven Samblis can be quoted as saying he would not release any news about the company “because he doesn’t need to“.  Well Mr. Samblis… take a peek at the PPS… are you happy with what you see ???  If not, its about time to reevaluate the results of your decision to keep quiet.  In short… your plan is not working !

We are now at about 35-days from “The World Launch” of VU Television Network.  What do investors know about the company, i.e. launch plans, programming schedule, shows, advertising contracts, local content partners, etc, etc, etc. ?  Answer… not much !  For investors, that’s not good.  Some say the lack of activity to keep investors informed indicates Mr. Samblis really doesn’t care about the investors.  Some say he may look at investors as just free money that allows him to chase a dream and aspirations.  Whatever your thoughts, the one underlying common thread that binds all investors together… is the PPS… and its in the toilet, and circling the drain. 

Mr. Samblis has said that he will release information when the time is right, and he will do it via formal Press Releases.  Well… 35-days from launch and many ask… where are these formal press releases?  Earlier this month we also wrote about that here.  If NOW is not the time… then WHEN ?  Surely Mr. Samblis can tell us WHEN he plans to release information, even if he will not release information about the information he is going to release.  

Mr. Samblis… you are once again missing the “golden hour” as its referred to in medicine.  The hour in which its critical to the patient’s life that intervention commences.   The patient’s chances of survival are greatly reduced if treatment is not rendered in those critical 60-minutes.  The same concept is valid in business also.  Valuable time is being squandered, and the PPS is evidence of such.

Mr. Samblis… the PPS is your report card, your performance review, your feedback from your investors, the tangible results of your efforts!   How are your doing ???  Passing, or failing ???