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Is this thing about to run ???  Maybe !  Although this week brought a significant decline in the PPS (.0029 – .0013) to close out the week at .0016, the volume Friday (7/27) was almost 4 times the normal daily volume.  On Friday there was 1 buy of 18.1 million shares, with a total day volume of over 41 million shares.   Many of those 41 million were large purchases.  PNCH has what appears to be a super strong base in around the .0015 mark.  It could be that investors see the solid base, and now feel more confident in loading up going into the launch date which is in late September.   Although there hasn’t been any news in a while, the company is due for some shortly.  Next week might be interesting.

Bashers are still at it over on Liehub.  Its so funny to see their dedication to destroying IC Punch Media (soon to be VU Television Network ).  Their hatred is so great they will stop at nothing to bring down Steven Samblis and his company.  

Any sane person would find their tactics simply childish and desperate.  The 2 main scare tactics they use constantly are dilution and reverse split.   Anyone with half a brain could see that they attempt to attribute ANY and ALL selling to dilution.  There is one brain donor over there that rings the dilution bell multiple times a day – every day.  If one were to believe his posts… the company has sold more shares than the Authorized Share count contains in total – 10-times over.  He claims every sale, everyday, is diluting by the CEO.   Of course, and thankfully, most investors know that in order for any insider to sell shares, they need to file 144 forms with the SEC.  It is simple to verify there have been no 144 forms filed in a long time.  AND… the Steven Samblis has gone on the public record to state numerous times, that he has not sold a single share in a long time (years).  So… who you going to believe, some anonymous poster with a vendetta against the company… or your own eyes after viewing SEC filings?

The next one is the reverse split scare tactic.  Here again, the CEO of the company, Steven Samblis, has said publically many times that there will be NO reverse split.  Its important to understand the ramifications of a CEO making public statements about his company.  If the CEO were to mislead investors about their company… he/she could go to jail.  The negative implications of a CEO disseminating inaccurate and/or misleading information could be devastating, both to the CEO and the company.   Here again, who you going to believe… some anonymous known basher on a message board known for supporting the bashing of stocks… or the CEO’s public statements?

As we have said here many times before… do your own Due Diligence (DD) !  Don’t believe us, and don’t believe the bashers (or the pumpers for that matter)… find out for yourself.  The internet is a wonderful tool for research.  A few minutes of research will yield vast amounts of reliable data you can use when making your investment decisions.  We are confident you will quickly uncover the lies and deceit perpetrated by the likes of many over on Liehub.  

We feel… the greatest place to start your research is our companion web site.  There you will find documented links to support the information provided.  The best information is always information that is supported by documents and independent verification of the material.  

Stay tuned folks… next week could be a game changer !   And as always… your comments are welcomed.  Simply click the comment link at the top-right of this (or any) post.