It’s a Bashers Life.   The new show could air right after Honey Boo Boo, and before Addicted.  It would actually be a spin off from the movie Dumb and Dumber.   It would be about the pitiful life of a group of sick and twisted low life losers who live in their grandparent’s basements,  and bash stocks for minimum wage using their pre-paid cell phones, while they exchange experiences with acne cream, and the best lubricants to use with their vinyl air inflated companions.     

In the very first episode they build a tree house where they appoint a few alpha losers to guard the door in order to keep out anyone with a real life and a job.  Different points of view are not welcomed, and if an opposing point of view, or any fact based information happens to get through the door, they throw them out or delete it. 

There will be a lot of reruns with this series because the main characters of the show really have a short attention span and can’t think of any new material to talk about.  They just repeat the same lines over and over again. 

The show will be hugely profitable because advertisers will realize they can reach the loser demographic to sell everything from skateboard decals and plaid shorts, to anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers,  and anti-anxiety drugs. 

The grandparents, will also have their own following on a show called “Where did we go wrong ???”.    A group of the grandparents will sit around blaming themselves for not stopping the grand-kids from eating all that lead paint when they were young, and lamenting that… if they had only know that they shouldn’t of let the kids play in the slurry from the toxic waste dump out back… they may have developed into normal kids. 

Of course this would be a fictional “reality” show, but based on real events… only the names would be changed to protect the guilty… opps, we mean innocent.   The show’s true intent would be educational, and hopefully encourage other parents to not let themselves fall into this type of situation when raising their youngins. 

We think the show would be a hit !