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Yes folks… we (as in investors) know nothing.  Speculation is running rampant, accusations and name calling are at a fever pace, and investors are failure forecasting doom and gloom.

There were pleas, suggestions, requests, and outright demands for information regarding the infighting issues.  Investors demanded answers, and rightfully so.

Then, as was requested of them, Joseph and Steve posted on Investors Hangout.  We believe Steve posted first with his post on Friday, here.  Joseph responded with a post here.  Today, Saturday, Steve posted this around noon.  Joseph responded about 3 hours later with this post.  Steve responds a few minutes later here.  About 10 minutes later Joseph respond to another poster here.  Finally, Steve responds here indicating this would be his final post on the subject.  ==> 4/28/13 (6:40p) UPDATE – Steve makes a comment to a poster here.

Then, after doing the best they could given the circumstances, to inform the investors what was going on, both Steve and Joseph started taking criticism for fighting publically on a message board.  It was sad to see that there was little gratitude for their efforts to inform the investors of what was going on.  They were criticized at first for not saying anything, then when they did speak out, they were criticized again for doing so.

Now, we understand the circumstances surrounding this issue are difficult, and airing specific issues like this out in public is not a good thing for the company, but in our opinion investors need to understand that Steve and Joseph were only trying to appease investors fevered calls for information… ANY information.  Investors were nervous and they wanted information.  They got it, then they lashed out… not all, but many.

So… here we are.. its the weekend after the news broke, and the overwhelming majority of posters on the message boards are forecasting doom and gloom.  Well, there is something called a “self-fulfilling prophecy” (Wikipeda).  In other words, a positive or negative prophecy, strongly held belief, or delusion – declared as truth when it is actually false – may sufficiently influence people so that their reactions ultimately fulfill the once-false prophecy.  Now we really have no idea if the news will crash the stock’s PPS or not, however with so many posters predicting it will… the PPS most likely will crash.  Hence the self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you are a stockholder that posted such a message, and although this may be your true belief, should you really be posting such a message?  Yes, you CAN post it (free speech and all that)… but SHOULD you?  After all… its only your opinion, not fact.  No one knows with a certainty that the stock will crash Monday morning.  In fact, its possible (unlikely, but possible) that a joint statement issued by both Steve and Joseph prior to the opening bell Monday stating they have reconciled their differences and all is well, could significantly ease this entire situation.

For those of you who feel compelled, or its your “right”, to be able to post your failure forecasting opinion in public… please be aware of the audience that may be influenced by your opinions.  You may feel strongly about being able to post such an opinion, but just be aware of the damage you may be doing to your own shares if you are an investor.  If your post is not part of the solution… please don’t let it contribute to be part of the problem.

Thank you.  Hopefully this situation can be resolved quickly, and in the best interest of the company, and shareholders.  We look forward to a speedy resolution.