If you have been following PNCH for the past year, you know how exciting this news is.  The increasing PPS if great news for all those that have seen their portfolios red for quite a while.  We suspect that for those accounts that have been red for a while, they are likely green now, or getting real close to green.  Those that have been with PNCH for a year or longer, and have hung in there through the 2012 downturn, are extremely hopeful that this run (which started in late February) will continue.  We believe PNCH is simply finding its rightful value and will continue to rise for the fordable future. 

Remember, the K and Q reports are due out starting around 3/29, then there is the shareholders meeting 4/13.  We are hopeful there will be some exciting news released in this meeting with shareholders.  For details on the shareholders meeting, click here

Tomorrow will be another exciting day for PNCH.  It has broken through the 200 MDA, closing at .0104.  The MDA was at .0102, so not only did PNCH break through, it closed above it.  PNCH did have a mid-day pullback to .008, and this of course likely shook out some weaker hands and flippers, but it recovered in a big way to close at the .0104, for a 15.56% daily increase.  If you bought in at or near the bottom (in the .002’s) you are smiling ear to ear at this recent performance. 

We are confident, but still excited, to see what tomorrow holds.  Hopefully more of what we have had since late February !