WOW… this pennystock is breaking all the molds.  That’s 7 days straight up (well, one of those it was even).  And remember, this run started at .0028.  Looks like its almost certainly headed for pennyland next week.  The 200 day moving average (MDA) is .0102.  If it breaks through that milestone… as they say, the sky is the limit !

Its funny… the bashers over on LieHub are all but silent.  We think in the game of keeping score, they lost.  Its also too funny, one of the most prolific bashers over there is now posting he is making money on the stock.  Yea, right.  How does one consistently bash a stock relentlessly and be buying it all along.  No fool buys a stock then bashes it, unless of course they shorted the stock, and that is unlikely.  See why here, and here.  

Most working folk dread Monday’s… however, if you’re invested in PNCH, you probably can’t wait for Monday to see what the stock will do next week.  Should be a VERY exciting week.  We think next week could be the week PNCH gets back over a penny.  From there, hold on, it will an “E” ticket ride !

Have a great weekend all !